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Installation Instructions

QRS Instructions:

Refer to clutch roller replacement instructions in the appropriate service manual for your sled.
**Remove the “E” clip (2008-2011) or the spring pin (2012-current) before removing stud**

Specific to Hi-Torque Rollers:

  1. Always polish any roughness from the stud rolling surface. If roller doesn’t turn freely (coating thickness varies from stud to stud) polish the black coating with 400 grit or finer abrasive paper until it does.
  2. Apply Loctite only to clutch housing threads, never to the stud thread, as any Loctite in the roller bore will lock the roller, ruining it when put into service.
  3. Place 8mm lock washer on stud, then guide stud through clutch housing hole. Next onto the stud is the provided stainless washer. At this point the roller is added with the raised face against the washer. Lastly the stud engages the threaded hole in the housing.
  4. Reinstall the “E” clip or spring pin.

Yamaha Sidewinder Instructions:

Place the raised face of the roller against the washer. Place the washer toward the OUTSIDE diameter of the clutch. The washer acts as a bearing surface when the centrifugal force throws the roller toward the outside diameter of the clutch.

Arctic Cat (2012-2015) Instructions:

  1. Bend tabs back on lock-ring just enough for socket placement on hex and remove roller pin.
  2. If roller pin looks near perfect it may be reused.
  3. To install new roller, place the lock-ring onto the pin and place the pin into the threaded part of clutch body.
  4. Then place the stainless washer (comes in roller package) onto the pin. INSTALL roller so the raised face rotates against the washer as the centrifugal force throws the roller towards the outside diameter of the clutch.
  5. Then apply red Loctite to the threads on the pin and screw the pin in place, being sure that the flat on the lock-ring is properly positioned on the clutch body.
  6. Tighten pin and bend tabs down to lock the pin in place.

QRS Secondary Clutch Bushing:

Before installing bushing put a thin smear of green Loctite in the sheave bore as well as on the outside of the bushing.

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