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I first tried Hi-Torque Rollers in a Yamaha Sidewinder BTX and I couldn't get over the difference in backshift from OEM rollers, and after a couple thousand HARD miles Hi-Torque Rollers are still showing no signs of wear! These are now my go-to for all applications here in the shop. Not to mention their customer service is second to none!

Adam Yates

Adams Motorsports

When I was testing the 1200T (300hp) these rollers were one of the first things I changed out on the clutches. Had the clutch open to full shift overdrive in less than 1000 feet and hold there running at full shift for another 500 feet before 700 foot shutdown - basically blowing a belt every few runs. If a secondary clutch had feelings, I would not want to go through the agony from the torture we put that secondary through.

Did testing for a week with the QRS secondary on that sled ranging from 210 to over 300hp and I had that secondary apart more times than I care to remember.

Every single time I changed out the helix I would clean the dirt off the roller and inspect for crackings or anomaly and found nothing - what a stout little roller that held up to low helix angles and spring forces of over 280 lbs final force with pretension values of 28 lbs - i'll tell ya that for me to open the secondary clutch up was literally 2 hands on the opening tool. The guys would stand there in awe at how tight I had that secondary wound up.

Now pile in dalton brute levers with 26g flyweight in clicker 1 and the custom ground ramps I made - that secondary went through torture the secondary opening up to full shift locking the secondary open against the rollers trying to put a flat spot on them.....nope always come back round with no dents.

The rollers are still in that sled and run all last season with 220~230 hp and from what I know of still holding up well.

Bravo on job well done, my hats off to you on one strong little roller - i wish you made them for the 06~07 RER secondary. I will be ordering another set for my xp.

Dynamo Joe

Hi this is Tim Halstead from Thompson Manitoba, I would just like to say thank you. The rollers I bought for my 2009 summit are the (cure all) the machine is sooo much better in powder its amazing.

Again thank you.

Tim Halstead

As the owner and operator of Multi-Tech Motorsports, a high-performance snowmobile shop in Alberta, and an avid sled enthusiast, I have come to expect quality and precision for myself and my customers.  These qualities are hard to find in today's automated, "get-it-done and out the door" attitude.  Hi-Torque clutch rollers are delivered with both quality and precision in mind, and stand up second to none.  I've used Hi-Torque rollers on everything from 300 horse power nitrous-burning sleds, to high-mileage mountain sleds with no roller failure whatsoever.  Another advantage of Hi-Torque rollers is they work consistently day after day, which makes the clutch easy to tune.  For the investment, Hi-Torque rollers are, in my opinion, one of the best performance add-ons anyone could do.  In the future, I will continue to use Hi-Torque rollers for both my own and my customers' snowmobiles.

Multi-Tech Motorsports

WOW!!! If you own a 2008 Rev XP like me, Dan's Hi-Torque Rollers are the way to go. When I first took my sled out hill-climbing, it was hunting back and forth from 7500-8100 RPM. After installing the Hi-Torque Rollers, it evens out to 8100 RPM and stays there. It's smoother shifting, awesome response, and the difference between going to the top or not. I know Dan and his sons personally.We ride together, we're considered extreme, and the rollers take the punishment. Big gain for little money, Thanks Dan, for a quality product.

Darrin Dressel

What impresses me most about the Hi-Torque rollers is the precise fit as well as the durability. We have had great success with them. We will be using them again this year.

Loyal Gibbons

Moto Tech Motorsports

I race in the USCC Cross Country Circuit and until this year I have always had problems with wear on the stock rollers. Since we have started to use the Hi-Torque Rollers that is no longer an issue. This product is awesome and I am still running on the same set of rollers! I can not believe how much more life they have given my rollers compared to stock. I would highly recommend this product to any snowmobiler out there. They are a great product, easy to install, and the staff was excellent to work with. Thanks for the great product!

Trevis Rothschadl

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