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New product line for UTV’s!

An action image showcasing the sleek design and performance of a Polaris RZR with Hi-Torque Rollers.

Introducing Hi-Torque Secondary Clutch Rollers Bulletproof line-up now available for UTV’s! These rollers are developed and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada and tested in the deserts of Arizona by our US distribution and research & development division. Our Bulletproof rollers are built from a hybrid thermoset composite material and are able to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure and high […]

Hi-Torque Rollers Redesigned Website Launch Announcement!

Hi-Torque Rollers Logo - A representation of the black, white, blue & red logo for Hi-Torque Rollers featuring half of a secondary clutch roller at the top

We are proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website. It is now live and located at the same address: With our new website launch, customers will have the opportunity to choose from our Canadian service site, which offers purchasing in Canadian currency and shipping from Canada, or choose from our US service site […]

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Canadian Flag - The national flag of Canada, featuring the iconic maple leaf symbol.

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